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About Exchange 4 Talent Portal FZCO

Exchange 4 Talent Portal FZCO first of its kind introduces the ground breaking System Barter for its members world wide to exchange services between each other by becoming the member of the community.

More than 100 plus categories of talent like Fitness expert, Astrologers, Chef, Gamers, Make up Artists, Yoga Expert, Dermat, Actors, Bloggers and many more can join the community & exchange skills through our in build video calling facility for online classes by receiving & sharing skills for free.

Members can also trade their skills online as an option to earn directly from the members of the community by subscribing to Silver membership that allows 30 minutes of online classes daily. Gold Membership that allows 90 minutes of online classes daily. Platinum Membership that gives access to unlimited minutes of online classes daily though the inbuilt Video call Facility.

Members can Teach and Learn at the same time through Bartering and Trading services world wide between each other & network between members world wide.

The App will also allow the members to have all their social media links like Instagram, Facebook, Linkedln, Wikipedia, IMDB on their profile for all the members to access and follow each other.

An exclusive community based Application that will focus and promote its members & their talents world wide.

The App also features Voice call, Chatting, Reviewing & language options English, Hindi & Arabic for viewing & understanding Barter for its members.

The App is available on IOS & Android from 28th February 2024


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