The Access

The Access

Exchange 4 Talent understands the pulse of the market in india and the demand of the subscriber. To make this app accessible to one and all Exchange 4 Talent will have many subscription modules for every talent or talent seeker to be able to avail the benefits of being registered on the app.

These subscription models will cater to the needs of both individual talent and businesses looking to hire talent for various projects.

For individual talent & talent seeker for surfing, Exchange 4 Talent will offer a free basic subscription that will allow them to register on the app, and view the talent & their videos for free. They will also have the option to upgrade to a premium subscription that will allow the member to an unlimited access, unlock all contact details of talents to directly hire or engage their services and also provide additional features such as unlimited job applications, personalised job alerts, access to exclusive training and development opportunities, creating their profile and uploading their videos for the world to view their talent and monetise.

For businesses

Exchange 4 Talent will offer a range of subscription models, including a basic subscription that will allow them to post job vacancies, search for talent, and manage applications. Additionally, they will have the option to upgrade to a premium subscription, which will give them access to a wider pool of talent, advanced search filters, and priority customer support.

Exchange 4 Talent will also offer customised subscription models for niche talent categories such as musicians, artists, and writers, to cater to their specific needs with Silver, Gold & Platinum memberships.

In conclusion, Exchange 4 Talent will be accessible to everyone with its diverse subscription models, and will provide talent and talent seekers with a comprehensive platform to connect, collaborate and grow together.


The Silver membership will offer basic features such as access to limited content and basic tools to showcase talents.


The Gold membership will offer more features such as access to all content and advanced tools to showcase talents.


Platinum membership will offer exclusive features such as priority access to new content, personalised support, and opportunities for collaborations with other talents.

Through these subscriptions,

Talent will have the opportunity to showcase their craft/ talent to a wider audience and gain more popularity. In addition, they will have the chance to monetise their talent by collaborating with brands and other companies for various mode of endorsements, appearances & creating exclusively for clients. The exchange of talents and ideas will foster a community of creative individuals, which will enhance the talents value.

Overall, the launch of multiple subscriptions for talent services will allow talent to achieve their aspirations and reach their full potential. By offering affordable subscription fees, the company will be inclusive to all individuals and foster a vibrant community of talented individuals. This will create a win-win situation for all parties involved, and we expect to see many success stories emerge from the talent seekers