As an unique feature of giving a glimpse to the world of our extremely talented members, Exchange 4 Talent App before login & Registeration will have high definition videos as Advertisements. This video would showcase the diverse range of talents that our subscribers have to offer, ranging from art and music to programming and sports. By showcasing these talents, we hope to inspire and encourage others to pursue their passions and showcase their abilities and viewers to login and watch them perform.

Additionally, this high-definition video will ensure that the quality of the content being displayed is of the highest standard. This will help to attract a wider audience and increase engagement with the platform. The continuous running of the video will also ensure that the members are always highlighted and the attention remains on them.

Overall, the feature of a high-definition video showcasing the talents is a unique and effective way to showcase the diversity and skills of our members. This will not only benefit the individual members but also the platform as a whole, by attracting more users and increasing engagement.