Agent/ Representative

Agent/ Representative

The agent will work closely with the talent to build a strong brand that reflects their unique talents and strengths. They will help create a comprehensive marketing plan that includes both traditional and digital channels, and will identify and leverage opportunities for exposure and growth.

In addition to marketing and branding, the agent will also serve as a protector and advocate for the talent, ensuring that all negotiations are fair, balanced and aligned with their worth. They will also provide support and guidance throughout the talent's career, including managing their schedule, arranging meetings and appearances, and helping them navigate the industry.

Overall, the agent's goal is to create an environment in which the talent can thrive creatively and professionally, with the agent handling all of the logistics and business-related tasks, so that the talent can focus on what they do best - creating and performing.

Exchange 4 Talent will provide the talent trained and experienced team that will be dedicated exclusively to the talent and give them the comfort of an extremely professional scenario hand picked trained and selected by the company for the talent.